Wednesday, February 29, 2012

R.I.P. Davy Jones

Daddy's Song


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Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


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Monday, February 27, 2012

Cat Whiskers

Cat whiskers are extremely cute, but they don't exist just to make Kitty look gorgeous. Whiskers are found on Kitty's cheeks, eyebrows, chin and behind his wrists. They're easy to spot - they are 2 or 3 times thicker than normal cat hair, and a lot longer (especially on his cheeks).

Cat whiskers are very deep rooted into Kitty's skin. They're rooted at a level that's very rich in blood vessels and nerve endings, so they are very sensitive.

So let's look at how Kitty uses his whiskers on his cheeks in his day to day life.

1) Judging if he can fit through an opening

If you look at Kitty's whiskers, you'll notice they extend out to about the same width as his body. The tips of his whiskers sense pressure, so Kitty will use this to see if he can fit through a space. A cat will often stick his head into an opening before he goes through it; he's using his whiskers to judge the space.

Whiskers grow to the width of the cat for this reason. So fat cats have longer whiskers than thinner cats.

2) Navigation, especially in the dark

Have you ever marveled at how a cat can confidently trot through a room in the pitch black and not bump into anything? Cat eyes are designed for great night vision, but this isn't the only reason cats are so skillful in the dark.

Cats' whiskers detect tiny changes in air currents, which helps them to locate where people and objects are. So as your cat approaches a chair, for example, his whiskers will detect air current changes which are present as a result of the chair being there. The result? He'll walk round the chair rather than into it!

3) Cat Body Language

Kitty's whiskers can act as a measure of his mood. If his whiskers are in a forward position, he's relaxed, happy or curious. If they're pulled back, he's defensive or aggressive.

What if his whiskers fall out?

Cat whiskers fall out from time to time, but they are replaced just like all other hair. Kitty's whiskers should never be cut or trimmed, as they're such an important navigation and spatial tool for him. Cutting them could put him in danger.

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Source:  cat behavior explained


(AKC Toy Group)


A small dog with a harsh, shaggy coat, and longer hair all over the face. The Affenpinscher is square-bodied, with a deep chest and round head with a well-defined stop. The lower jaw is generally slightly undershot, protruding below the dog's short nose. The dog's teeth and tongue should not show when his mouth is closed. The black eyes are prominent and rounded, but should not bulge or protrude. The rims of the eyes are black. The hairy ears are pointed and erect when cropped, but may be left natural, in which case they may be erect, semi-erect or dropped. The coat is usually black or dark gray, but tan and red are also acceptable. A small white patch on the chest is acceptable. The preferred height is 9-1/2 to 11-1/2 inches.


Named "Monkey dog", because of his monkey-like facial structure and expression, this feisty toy dog originated in Germany. At first a farm dog and ratter, probably larger in size, the Affenpinscher was miniaturized and became a house pet during the 18th and 19th centuries. Today the Affenpinscher is primarily a companion dog.


Sensitive to temperature extremes. Overly warm living conditions are detrimental to the coat. Not recommended for younger children. Most are accepting of other pets in the family, especially when raised with them. Tends to guard food and toys. Some bloodlines are prone to fractures and slipped stifle. Like any short-nosed breed, the Affenpinscher may suffer from respiratory problems in hot weather. This breed likes to hike and go camping as long as the temperature stays above 20 degrees F. May challenge large dogs and other large animals unwisely.


Watchdog, agility, and performing tricks.


Terrier-like personality. Fiery little dog, courageous and confident--a fearless defender. Generally quiet, but can be vehement when threatened. Very affectionate and amusing. Playful and inquisitive. Loyal. Enjoys being with his family. Needs consistent, firm training. Some are difficult to housebreak.


Children: Not recommended for children.
Friendliness: Loves everyone.
Trainability: Slightly difficult to train.
Independence: Moderately dependent on people.
Dominance: Moderate.
Other Pets: Generally good with other pets.
Combativeness: Can be a bit dog-aggressive.
Noise: Likes to bark.
Indoors: Very active indoors.
Owner: Good for novice owners.

Grooming and Physical Needs:

Grooming: Regular grooming needed.
Trimming & Stripping: No trimming or stripping needed.
Coat: Medium coat.
Shedding: Very light.
Docking: The ears are customarily cropped, and the tail is customarily docked.
Exercise: Very little exercise needed.
Jogging: A fair jogging companion.
Apartments: Good for apartment living.
Outdoor Space: Does all right without a yard.
Climate: Prefers cool climates.
Longevity: Average (10 to 12 years).

Source:  iams

Saturday, February 25, 2012

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's Raining Cats and Dogs

The phrase "raining cats and dogs" - where did it originate from and what did it mean?

Meaning - 

Raining very heavily.

Origin -

This is an interesting phrase in that, although there’s no definitive origin, there are several speculative derivations. Before we get to those, lets get some of the incorrect suggestions out of the way.

The phrase seems isn’t related to the well-known antipathy between dogs and cats, which is made word in the phrase ’fight like cat and dog’. Aside from the presence of cat and dog in the phrase, there’s nothing at all to connect their fighting with raining.

Nor is the phrase in any sense literal, i.e. recording the fact that cats and dogs fell from the sky. Numbers of small creatures, of the size of frogs or fish, do occasionally get carried skywards in freak weather. That must happen to individual dogs or cats from time to time too, but there’s no record of groups of them being scooped up in that way. Not that we’d need meteorological record for that - it’s plainly implausible.

In fact, ’raining cats and dogs’ only makes sense figuratively and the explanations below that attempt to link the phrase to felines, canines and weather seem rather feeble.

Here goes - take your pick:

1. It comes from mythology. Witches, who often took the form of their familiars - cats, are supposed to have ridden the wind. Dogs and wolves were attendants to Odin, the god of storms and sailors associated them with rain. Well, some evidence would be nice. There doesn’t appear to be any to support this notion.

2. Cats and dogs were supposed to be washed from roofs during heavy weather. This is a widely repeated tale. It got a lease of life with the message "Life in the 1500s", which began circulating on the Internet in 1999. Here’s the relevant part of that:

I’ll describe their houses a little. You’ve heard of thatch roofs, well that’s all they were. Thick straw, piled high, with no wood underneath. They were the only place for the little animals to get warm. So all the pets; dogs, cats and other small animals, mice, rats, bugs, all lived in the roof. When it rained it became slippery so sometimes the animals would slip and fall off the roof. Thus the saying, "it’s raining cats and dogs."

This is nonsense of course. It hardly needs debunking, but, lest there be any doubt... 

Dogs lived in thatched roofs? No, of course they didn’t. Even accepting that mad idea, for them to have slipped off when it rained they would have needed to be on the outside - hardly the place an animal would head for to shelter from bad weather.

3. The phrase is supposed to have originated in England in the 17th century when city streets were filthy and heavy rain would occasionally carry along dead animals. 

The idea that seeing dead cats and dogs floating by in storms would cause people to coin this phrase is just about believable. People may not have actually thought the animals had come from the sky, but might have made up the phrase to suit the occasion. 

4. Another suggestion is that it comes from a version of the French word, catadoupe, meaning waterfall. 

Well, again. No evidence. If the phrase were ’raining cats’ or if there also existed a French word, dogadoupe we might be going somewhere with this one. As there isn’t let’s pass this by.


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Cats and Dogs CAN See Some Color

Many adults think that dogs and cats cannot see any colors, only shades of gray. But this is not true. Cats and dogs can see some colors but not all of them. So in a sense they are like adults who are colorblind. Cats and dogs have cells in their eyes that respond well in bright and dim light. At night, cats and dogs use cells called rods that are sensitive to dim light. They are found in a lining at the back of the eye called the retina. When light falls on the rods, they send a message to the brain to explain the image that they see. For the bright light of day, you need cells called cones. But having cones in your eyes also means that you can also see color. Humans have three kinds of cones that allow them to see blue, red and green. So humans (and monkeys!) can see in full color. Dogs and cats only have two kinds of cones sensitive to blue and green light. So they do see some colors. By the way, if you have a horse or pony at home, they have red and blue cones. Horses see some colors, but they can't tell green from gray.

Now, do cats' eyes glow in the dark? No they don't. Cats and dogs have some cells behind the retina that act like a mirror. These cells are found in a part of the eye called the tapetum. This mirror reflects light back, giving the rods and cones a second chance to pick up the small amount of light available at night. It is this tapetum that makes cats' and dogs' eyes seem to glow in the dark.

Humans don't have a tapetum. You may have noticed that if you use flash to take a photo, humans tend to look like they have red eyes. This is because there is a reflection of the red blood vessels behind our retinas. If you took a flash picture of your dog, you might see yellow or orange eyes instead. This is a reflection of the light of the flash by the dog's tapetum.

Source:  CCMR

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How Do Cats Purr?

The way that cats purr has been a subject of great debate over many years, and cat experts still aren't in absolute agreement. Who'd have thought Kitty's purr could stir up such controversy in the scientific world?

At the moment, the most widely accepted theory to answer the how do cats purr question is that the voice box muscles rapidly twitch.
This causes rapid, repeated partial closing and opening of the middle of the voice box (i.e. the area where air moves through).

The repeated closing and opening causes vibrations in the air being breathed in and out. It's these vibrations that are responsible for making the purring sound.

The vibrations happen when Kitty breathes in and out, which is why the purr sounds continuous, as if he's not stopping to breathe at all!

The theory that Kitty's voicebox is responsible for purring is supported by the fact that cats that have paralyzed voice box muscles are unable to purr.

Why Do Cats Purr?


It's fairly widely accepted and understood that cats purr when they're happy and contented. This is undoubtedly true, but there are also other reasons which are less obvious and may just surprise you!

1) Reassurance for kittens

When kittens are very young, they can't see, and they can't smell or hear very well. The vibrations from Mommy's purring allow the kittens to find her more easily. Her purring also acts as reassurance.

She's letting them know that she's friendly, happy and ready for nursing them.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Nature Jams – Toe Tapping Fun For the Whole Family!

Nature Jams – Toe Tapping Fun For the Whole Family!

I was very excited when I was selected to do the review for Farmer Jason, Nature Jams. I love music and like most people I have my favorite bands and genres. However when you grow up with a musician for a father you have no choice but to listen to all types of music, thank goodness. My father played and loved classical, blues and Jazz of which I complained about as a child but it must have sunk in somewhere because as an adult I love it all.

The best way to instill a love of music in children is to capture their attention first and keep it there. What better way than with songs and music you find yourself humming and tapping your toes too!

Why Do Cats Knead?

A cat kneading will slowly shift its weight from one front leg to the other, spreading the toes on the paw it's about to stand on, then closing the toes again once its weight is on the foot.

Its claws may also dig into the surface it's kneading on as the toes close, as you'll no doubt know only too well if you've ever had a cat do this when it's sitting on you!

Cat Body Language - Eyes and Body


Wide, staring eyes.

This is usually seen before and during a cat fight, or before a cat attacks another animal or a human. They stare to try to scare the other cat / animal / human away.

Narrow, slowly blinking eyes.

This means the opposite of above - the cat is saying he's happy with the other cat / animal / human and that he trusts them.

If you've ever wondered why cats make a beeline for the one person in the room who doesn't like cats, eyes are the reason. The cat lovers in the room will stare at Kitty, which will make him feel threatened, so he'll want to stay away from them. The person who doesn't like cats won't look at him because she's sincerely hoping he won't go anywhere near her. He sees her as the only non-threatening person in the room, so guess who he heads towards?!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cat Body Language - Ears, Head & Whiskers

^ Up there ^
That's me Bodhi, aren't I cute


Pricked up ears.

This is a sign of Kitty being interested in what he can hear around him. You may have noticed cats can also turn their pricked up ears round so they can listen to what's going on behind them without moving their heads...

Ears turned back.

If Kitty's ears are flattened towards his head and turned back, this usually means he's being threatened and is turning his ears away to protect them.

Whitney Houston August 9, 1963 - February 11, 2012 ~ RIP

Whitney Houston, superstar of records, films, dies

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Whitney Houston, who ruled as pop music's queen until her majestic voice and regal image were ravaged by drug use, erratic behavior and a tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown, has died. She was 48.

Houston's publicist, Kristen Foster, said Saturday that the singer had died, but the cause and the location of her death were unknown.

News of Houston's death came on the eve of music's biggest night — the Grammy Awards. It's a showcase where she once reigned, and her death was sure to cast a heavy pall on Sunday's ceremony. Houston's longtime mentor Clive Davis was to hold his annual concert and dinner Saturday; it was unclear if it was going to go forward.

At her peak, Houston the golden girl of the music industry. From the middle 1980s to the late 1990s, she was one of the world's best-selling artists. She wowed audiences with effortless, powerful and peerless vocals that were rooted in the black church but made palatable to the masses with a pop sheen.

Her success carried her beyond music to movies, where she starred in hits like "The Bodyguard" and "Waiting to Exhale."

She had the perfect voice and the perfect image: a gorgeous singer who had sex appeal but was never overtly sexual, who maintained perfect poise.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Fun Feline Facts

Cats do not have sweat glands.

A cat can jump as much as seven times its height.

Cats have five toes on each front paw, but only four toes on each back paw.

Cats have over one hundred vocal sounds, while dogs only have about ten.

A pack of kittens is called a kindle, while a pack of adult cats is called a clowder.

An adult cat can run about 12 miles per hour, and can sprint at nearly thirty miles per hour.

A cat's tongue is scratchy because it's lined with papillae—tiny elevated backwards hooks that help to hold prey in place.

The nose pad of each cat has ridges in a unique pattern not unlike a person's fingerprints.

Cats' bodies are extremely flexible; the cat skeleton contains more than 230 bones (a human has about 206), and the pelvis and shoulders loosely attach to the spine. This adds to their flexibility and allows them to fit through very small spaces.

Cats have better memories than dogs. Tests conducted by the University of Michigan concluded that while a dog's memory lasts no more than 5 minutes, a cat's can last as long as 16 hours—exceeding even that of monkeys and orangutans.

Fun Facts About Dogs

Dogs only sweat from the bottoms of their feet, the only way they can discharge heat is by panting.

Dogs have about 100 different facial expressions, most of them made with the ears.

Dogs have about 10 vocal sounds.

Dogs do not have an appendix.

There are more than 350 different breeds of dogs worldwide.

Dalmatians are born spotless: at first pure white, their spots develop as they age.

Contrary to popular belief, dogs aren’t color blind; they can see shades of blue, yellow, green and gray. The color red registers on a grayscale in a dog’s vision.

Most domestic dogs are capable of reaching speeds up to about nineteen miles per hour when running at full speed.

Using their swiveling ears like radar dishes, experiments have shown that dogs can locate the source of a sound in 6/100ths of a second.

Domesticated for more than 10,000 years, the dog was one of the first animals domesticated by humans.

Dear Dogs and Cats....

The dishes with the paw print belong to you and contain your food. The rest of the dishes belong to me and contain my food.

Please note, if you put a paw print in the middle of my plate or food, that does not stake a claim for it. It is still mine. I also do not find it aesthetically pleasing in the slightest.

NASCAR did not design the stairway. It is not a racetrack. Trying to beat me to the bottom is not the object. Tripping me will not help you win because I will fall faster than you can run.

A king-sized bed is the largest that is made. I cannot get anything bigger. I am sorry about this. Do not expect me to continue to sleep on the couch to ensure your comfort.

Dogs and cats are capable of curling into a ball when they sleep. It is not necessary to sleep perpendicular next to each other and stretched out to the fullest extent possible.

Sticking your tail out straight and hanging your tongue out the other end to maximize space is nothing but sarcasm.

For the last time, there is no secret exit from the bathroom. If by some miracle I manage to beat you there and get the door shut, it is not necessary to whine, meow, claw, try to turn to doorknob, or squeeze your paw under the door to try to pull it open. I have to exit through the same door I entered.

Also, I have been using the bathroom for many years -- feline or canine attendance is not required.

        Much Love From Your
       Non-Furry Mom

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kitty Kibbles


  • 3 cups whole wheat flour
  • 2 cups soy flour
  • 1 cup wheat germ
  • 1 cup cornmeal
  • 1 cup nonfat dry milk
  • 1/2 cup brewer's yeast
  • 1 (15 ounce) can mackerel
  • 5 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1 tablespoon cod liver oil
  • 2 cups of water or as needed


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Mix all the dry ingredients in a large bowl. In another bowl, mash the mackerel into small pieces. Mix in the oil and water. Add the mackerel mixture to the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. The dough is tough, so use your hands.

Roll dough out to about 1/4" thickness and cut into 1/4" bits, using a knife or pizza cutter. Mound the bits onto greased cookie sheets and bake for 25 minutes.

During baking, occasionally toss the bits with two wooden spoons, so they brown evenly. Turn the heat off and allow the treats to cool thoroughly before removing and storing in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

This recipe freezes very well for longer storage.

Potatoes Au Canine


  • 3 cups boiled potatoes -- sliced
  • 2 tablespoons vegetables -- grated
  • 1/2 cup Creamed cottage cheese
  • 1 tablespoon Nutritional Yeast
  • 2 tablespoons Grated carrots
  • 1/4 cup Whole milk
  • 1/4 cup Grated cheese


  • Layer in a casserole dish the first 5 ingredients. 
  • Then pour the milk on top of all; sprinkle with cheese. 
  • Bake about 15 minutes at 350 until cheese melts and slightly browns. 
  • Serve cool. 

Note: As a potato substitute, you can use 3 cups of cooked oatmeal or 3 cups cooked brown rice.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nice Day...

Everything started out so nice and quiet..

Ahhhhh.....This is the life!

Oh..Hey Dude, how's it going?

Oops sorry, something on my tail...

She awakens!

Kitten knock it off, or I'll....................

Not going to work!

Nope nope not going to work!!

Awww Kitten
(guess it worked )



Sunday, February 5, 2012

NY Giants - Super Bowl Champs!

At least it's quieter here now, me and my feline friends thought our non-furry mom was crazy with her jumping around and screaming.  But now we understand, in a catty sort of way, the NY Giants are the XLVI Super Bowl Champions!  Seems my non-furry mom is into these non-furry men throwing a ball around that I can't seem to catch.  Anyway, congratulations to the NY Giants!!!!

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