Friday, February 17, 2012

Cat Body Language - Eyes and Body


Wide, staring eyes.

This is usually seen before and during a cat fight, or before a cat attacks another animal or a human. They stare to try to scare the other cat / animal / human away.

Narrow, slowly blinking eyes.

This means the opposite of above - the cat is saying he's happy with the other cat / animal / human and that he trusts them.

If you've ever wondered why cats make a beeline for the one person in the room who doesn't like cats, eyes are the reason. The cat lovers in the room will stare at Kitty, which will make him feel threatened, so he'll want to stay away from them. The person who doesn't like cats won't look at him because she's sincerely hoping he won't go anywhere near her. He sees her as the only non-threatening person in the room, so guess who he heads towards?!



This is a sign of affection, comfort and contentment.

Rubbing against your legs.

When Kitty does this, he's leaving his scent on you, effectively marking you as "his territory." It's a sign of affection.

Rolling onto his back and exposing his tummy.

Kitty is being submissive. He's paying you a compliment, saying he likes and trusts you.

Bent / straight legs.

If all Kitty's legs are straight and he has an upright posture, raised head and pricked ears, he's happy, curious and confident. In a stand-off, bent front legs and stretched back legs show that Kitty would rather avoid a fight, but that he will defend himself if he has to.

Arched back.

In kittens, this is usually a playful stance - they're wanting a play fight. In adult cats, however, it usually indicates that Kitty is preparing for a real fight. Accompanying things may be ears turned back, wide eyes and hair on the back and tail standing on end.

When you're trying to interpret cat body language, it's important to look at Kitty's whole body, not just one particular part.

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