Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cat Body Language - Ears, Head & Whiskers

^ Up there ^
That's me Bodhi, aren't I cute


Pricked up ears.

This is a sign of Kitty being interested in what he can hear around him. You may have noticed cats can also turn their pricked up ears round so they can listen to what's going on behind them without moving their heads...

Ears turned back.

If Kitty's ears are flattened towards his head and turned back, this usually means he's being threatened and is turning his ears away to protect them.


Raised head.

The meaning of this varies depending on the circumstances. If Kitty is happy, a raised head indicates curiosity and confidence, and is usually associated with pricked up ears. On the other hand, if he's in a stand-off with another cat, a raised head can indicate dominance and in this case his ears will often be turned back for protection.

Lowered head.

In a stand-off with another cat, a lowered head indicates submissiveness. In other circumstances, it can just indicate sleepiness, contentment or boredom.


Whiskers can act as a measure of a cat's mood. If his whiskers are in a forward position, he's relaxed, happy or curious. If they're pulled back, he's defensive or aggressive.

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