Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

PottyCover Giveaway - Ends 4/2

~Guest Post~

PottyCover is a disposable toilet seat cover for children that covers the sides and from of the toilet, to keep away germs and wetness. Check out Debbie Jean's Potty Cover Review on her blog.

Monday, March 25, 2013

YesterYear Soap Giveaway

~Guest Post~

Victoria from Giveaways 4 Mom has teamed up with YesterYear Soap to provide you with an amazing giveaway. One lucky reader is going to win their very own 3 full size soap bars gift set. If you have never heard of YesterYear before check out the YesterYear Soap review written by Victoria.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Smelly Towel Cleaner {Review}

Recently I had the opportunity to give the Smelly Towel Cleaner, an all-natural cleanser, a try and I was totally shocked in the products ability to remove the musty, mildewy smell that towels seem to collect from multiple washings or sitting in the cabinet, and even after the towel was wet, the smell was totally gone. I loved that it really had no scent to the towel other than clean.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

NeoCell ArthroPet {Review & Giveaway - Ends 4/1}

Product Description:

Arthropet joint formula supports the diets of pets suffering articular cartilage and connective tissue problems. This tasty wafer contains immucell collagen II which provides the major components of articular cartilage - collagen type II protein, chondroitin, glucosamine, and hyaluronic acid. Glucosamine and chondroitin extracted from sources other than chicken sternal cartilage do not have the same molecular blue print found in immucell collagen II chicken sternal collagen type II. CMO is a revolutionary compound that research has identified as a joint lubricate and helps to promote mobile joint function. MSM is organic sulfur, and sulfur concentration is lower in unhealthy cartilage. MSM is a key component in the formation and maintenance of healthy bone, joints, and surrounding tissue. arthropettm is a delicious natural chicken flavor chewable wafer, pets love it every time, available at 60 wafers per bottle.

Pami Pocket Giveaway 3/17-3/31

~Guest Post~

The Pami Pocket cell phone pouch is a cute little water resistant pouch on a string that will accommodate cell phones, smart phones and even iphones. The pouch has a zippered main pocket and a velcroed outer pocket. Colors available are pink, blue, purple and black, plus a paw print pattern. For a little extra, you can also get "blinged" designs, such as your initial or a cross, skull and crossbones, football, palm tree, paw print, pink ribbon or peace sign. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Barefoot Books Giveaway - Ends 3/30

~Guest Post~

Barefoot Books offers many titles to encourage a love of reading in your children.  With a variety of subjects to appeal to children from birth to 12 years old, Barefoot Books covers ABC's, 123's, Princesses, Pirates and so much more!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Luck O' The Irish Birthday Bash Giveaway - Ends 3/28

~Guest Post~

Imogene is turning 1 on St. Patrick's Day! Wow...time has flown by since she was born. I'm both sad and excited...mostly excited! In celebration of this special day, myself (Dani Sue Dreams) along with my wonderful friends and co-hosts, Beauty Brite, Asha Butterflys and Mom to Grandma are bringing our readers an awesome Giveaway Prize Package valued over $150! It's a little bit of this and that...things you'll want for your baby and toddler. This giveaway will run through March 28th at 11:59pm EST.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Birthday!

It's my two boy's birthday(s)!!!

Bodhi - 2 years old on March 10th
Louie - 1 year old on March 12th

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tip Hero's Your Lucky Day Giveaway Event - Ends 3/17

~Guest Post~

Welcome to the "Your Lucky Day Giveaway Event" sponsored by Tip Hero, featuring some truly fabulous blogs and a wonderful opportunity to be the lucky winner of a great prize!

At Tip Hero, we've got a whole bunch of treats and tips to help you be festive this St. Patrick's Day, but in order to celebrate the holiday right, we're hosting a great big giveaway event to give one very lucky reader the chance to win a $150 Visa gift card to spend as they please!
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