Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our Non-Furry Mom & A Few Blog Updates

Oh hello there....

We just wanted to give you an update on our non-furry mom, why we've been so quiet and what will be happening now (and in the future).

(non-furry mom ^)

Between mom's computer problems, her aches, pains and everything else going on with her, she was unable to post for some time and our paws just don't hit the right keys all the time. She's been feeling a bit better and will start posting again...slow at first, BUT you know our non-furry mom, she will be back in full swing before you know it.

In the next few days you will find posts popping up that are way over due and some that our non-furry mom just picked up, along with a few hosted giveaways from our non-furry mom's blogger friends.

In the near future (Louie and I are really excited about this) our non-furry mom will be moving to her own domain name....our should I say "my" own domain name!

Be sure to keep watch in our newsletter for all the exciting things that will be happening on my blog (sorry Louie, it's my blog). If your not already subscribed you can do so by clicking HERE.

Bodhi & Louie

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