Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Freebie

at Happy Freebie

What is a V.I.Bee?

If you LOVE cool, new products that make mom's and dad's life better and easier, complete with giveaways & discounts, then HappyFreebie is the website for you. Come grow your online influence with us and become a V.I.Bee. If you succeed, you'll be part of an exclusive group (Max 15) of internet savvy shoppers and writers who have influence on at least one of the following mediums: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, a blog, or the like.

As a V.I.Bee, we'll send you products for review, we'll give you a budget to hold Pinterest parties, and we'll bring you with us on our yearly company meetings in vacation destinations throughout the world. In return, we ask that you write well-though-out reviews, that you guest post on our blog periodically, that you spread the word about HappyFreebie, that you give us feedback, and that you recommend products to be featured.

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