Friday, May 18, 2012

Hurricane season starts June 1st!

Living near the coast, water damage from storms or heavy rain is something we all worry about, not to mention what damage can from a burst water main or sink overflow to your home.  You really do not need to live near "the water" to have this type of catastrophe, it can happen anywhere and anytime!

Every year we gather our emergency supplies and contacts just in case a storm or flood occurs.  This year a group of us decided to investigate more into how we would handle water damage if it should occur.  One company that stuck out in our minds was "The Steam Team".  Although they are located far from us in Austin Texas, we gave them a call and they were very happy to answer our questions on what to look for and were willing to work with us if this should happen.  The Steam Team worked on the Round Rock, Texas water damage and got everyone back up and running.

The Steam Team operates on a six step process using the latest equipment and supplies.

Inspection and Assessment
Water Removal
Anti-micobial Application
Drying:  Air Movement
Drying:  Dehumidifying
Drying:  Monitoring

The Steam Team understands how important your property is to you and their staff of experienced professionals is IICRC certified and trained.  They will help guide you through from start to finish and get everything back to normal as quickly as possible.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. I have to remember not to buy so much at the grocery store next month, just in case we have to leave town.


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