Thursday, April 5, 2012

Petcakes Reveiw & Giveaway - Ends 4/16

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Powered by Mom brings you Petcakes!

Petcakes® Giveaway & Review - The yummiest looking pets your child will ever have

When I showed my daughter the PetCakes® on their website my daughter just fell in love with these cute and unique stuffies. She was even happier when I told her that we were going to get 2 of them for me to review and that I would be having a giveaway for them. She kept asking me everyday if they had arrived in the mail. When the day came that they did arrive I'm pleased to say she was not disappointed.

As you can see by the picture below they are absolutely adorable! Read on to see what else I have to say about them and of course to enter the giveaway!

Powered by Mom's Review

When my daughter Sian and were originally looking on the Petcakes® website we had decided that we liked Bamboo Berry and Roco Coco from the Series 2 Limited Collectibles the best even though they're all so adorable. When we opened the package from Petcakes® my daughter was over the moon as we had received Bamboo Berry & Nutty Nicky. She loved them both and apparently had forgotten that she had been hoping for Roco Coco as well. They were even cuter up close so she didn't care anymore which ones she had received as Sian just loved them. Sian really got a kick out of the fact that if you push down their heads into a wrapper they look like a stuffed cupcake. The Petcakes® were also larger than we had imagined so that was just another bonus! Apparently even at 10 years of age going on 11 my daughter was not too old for the Petcake®s. She and her friends still like the cute stuffies and in fact several of her friends who have seen Sian's Petcakes® all ooohed and ahhed over them and wanted one of their own. To me it's not so surprising that these pre-teens like the Petcakes® as they all still have an affection for the cute things and when they go to sleepovers they almost always have a stuffy of their choice with them. I'm fairly certain it's a girl thing as I remember having tons of stuffed animals on my bed until I graduated high school. The Petcakes® aren't just for girls though as I did show them to a few boys between the ages of 5-7 years and they too were taken with them. I think it's part the size, the cuteness of the animals and the fact that they can be "disguised" as cupcakes. They look very well made, we love the colors of them and we would have been happy with any of the Petcakes® from the website. They are all so adorable! Petcakes® are also very reasonably priced and right now if you buy (4) or more Petcakes® Collectibles plush toys you receive the PetCakes® Collectibles Minis - 4 pack FREE you only pay an additional $1.99 shipping and handling. Petcakes® get 4 thumbs up from Sian and I as they were hit with us and her friends. Now on to the fun stuff! Enter for your chance at one of these adorable Petcakes® from the Series 2 collection. This is open to the US only.

A special thanks to our bloggy friends below for helping us promote this wonderful giveaway and review. Stop by their sites and say hello and enter one of their giveaways as well!

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