Monday, January 16, 2012

Cat Facts: Did you know that?

Cats can see 6 times better than human beings? According to studies, at night cats can see 6 times clearer in the dark than we can.

Cats can exist any where in the world. From the hot steamy jungles of Africa to the icy cold planes of Greenland: Cats can be found in almost any corner of the world. Some basic characteristics of these cats can vary depending on climate of where they live.

Cats can swim if they need to, it just not their favorite activity.

Cats can sleep for up to eighteen hours a day, especially in warmer climates. Although sometime it seems like they are sleeping more than eighteen hours.

There are many different recognized varieties of cats and most of them have rare characters to define the variety of cat that they are.

One variety is inspired ancient Egyptians. This is the Sphinx. The Sphinx actually does not have any hair at all.

There is a cat called Manx, it originates from the Isle of Man. The Manx does not have a regular tail, they just have a so-called stub for a tail.

What is the fastest animal? A cat. The Cheetah the fastest animal in the world and it is of course a member of the cat family.

There are also fishing cats. They show their hunting skills by stalking and catching fish.

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